This climb and ski was as rewarding as it gets. I had been wanting to ski the Powell Couloir all season and when Glenn Porzak and Mike Browning said they would join us I couldn’t have been more thrilled.


Climbing with my dad is a real treat and at 68 years old seeing him climb is so inspiring.




From the Loch we traversed around the lake to lookers right. Earlier in the season when the lake was frozen we could just skin directly across but now spring was really showing its face and the lake was almost completely melted out. Once past the lake we continued to boot the hard packed snow all the way to Sky Pond and Glass Lake. Just below the base of the couloir we stashed some gear and put on crampons. The Powell Couloir is long and took sometime to boot up. Near the top we heard the roll of thunder and this put a level of quickness into our stride. From the top of the couloir it’s a quick walk over to the summit. I clicked in and off we went.  Glenn and Mike down climbed the couloir quickly while Rafarian and I waited for them to get out of the way of our sloughs. Clouds and weather had moved in and the snow had frozen over making for challenging conditions on the top half of the line. I would estimate the top of the couloir is in the 50 degree range.


IMG_4821Towards the bottom of the couloir it splits and several options can be taken all of which put you back down to Lake of Glass. This was a really fun outing with great company.







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