You may have noticed our hashtag, #Wildernessinherited. We thought we should offer up an explanation of what it means to us and where it came from.

Simply put, this is the ethos by which we operate. No matter where we are in the park, no matter what we are doing and how isolated or alone we may feel, we can’t forget that there were generations who came before us. Skiers, climbers, explorers and yes, tourists, that made lands such as Rocky Mountain National Park possible. Without the combined efforts of these doers and believers, we wouldn’t have such an expansive area to call our backyard.

The wilderness which serves as the foundation for our project was inherited from those before us and there’s a lot to be said for that. Our situation is a bit different though.

In 1974, Glenn Porzak completed a surveying project for the NPS to define the present day boundaries for RMNP. In doing so, he was the first person to summit the 100 highest peaks in the park. Now, 42 years later, our goal is to not only ski 50 of these peaks, but do so in a way that pays homage to Glenn and the lessons he taught his son Austin, the primary skier on the project.

We aren’t simply a few guys skiing a few peaks here and there. We believe wholly that the opportunities we have in the wilderness are inherited, and for us, skiing is the way we have chosen to make that ethos a large part of our lives.

Ski mountaineering is an inherently dangerous activity. This website, contributors, and host are not responsible for any action you take using the information that is displayed on the pages of You are the responsible party. Please be safe, educate yourself and carry the proper tools at all times.